All About Dr. Panos Gikas

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Panos Gikas Uses Latest Technology In His Practice


Panos Gikas is an orthopedic surgeon based in London. He received his medical degree and postgraduate work in London through the Universities of Athens and London. Panos Gikas specializes in knee and hip replacement, bone cancer, and injuries to the knee cartilage.


Panos Gikas does his best to utilize the latest technological advances in his practice. His clinical and research projects have centered around the knee and hip replacements. These procedures led him to develop his own medical instruments. He also learned how to use robotic parts to help with knee and hip replacements. He also has an interest in cell stem research to use in cartridge replacement and to treat cancer that occurs in soft tissue.


Gikas has published many papers in his areas of expertise. He has also conducted many different clinical trials. One such trial involved the first human trial ever done to prove that there is a non-invasive way to diagnose bone diseases. These bone diseases include osteoporosis and brittle bone. Up to the time of the trial, the only way to diagnose bone diseases was through a long series of tests. However, Gikas and his team used lasers that would go through the skin and reveal the chemical makeup of the patient’s bones. The technique that Gikas and his colleagues developed now allow for a patient’s body to be fully scanned without any invasive procedure. Not only is this more comfortable for the patient, but they are not subjected to X-rays and other procedures