Bruno Fagali Implements His Own Brand of Administrative Law

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Recently, Raj Nair, who’d been acting as the Chief Executive Officer of Ford of North America since January 6, 2017, was dismissed from his post upon the reception of an anonymous complaint by the Communication Channel. After an internal investigation by Ford’s compliance department, the termination of his role with the company was officially announced. Raj Nair had been a longtime executive, working himself through the ranks, but officially began working with the multinational corporation in 1987 as an engineer. Throughout his time with Ford of North America, he held several prominent positions within the company, including Technical Director and Global Director of Product Development, before ascending to the position of Chief Executive Officer last year. In an official statement made by Ford, Raj Nair’s dismissal was confirmed, but the details were limited to discussing the fact that he did violate the code of conduct, without going into specifics. The recent dismissal of Ford’s Chief Executive Officer, although very limited in terms of elaboration on the specifics of the occurrence that called for the action, compliance professionals and students alike, can glean a significant amount regarding the nature of compliance within major corporations, as well as the way this particular process is being used to diminish the ramifications of such a dismissal. In the open letter, Raj Nair, delivered a vague confession, admitting that he regretted not complying with certain regulations.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is quickly making a statement as one of the premier lawyers in all of Brazil by implementing his own brand of Administrative Law, in turn, creating a new element in the world of law throughout the country. He is currently the Corporate Integrity Manager with Nova/SB and has worked for a number of law firms since entering the field in 2006. In 2012, Mr. Fagali enrolled at Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo in order to gain a greater understanding of Administrative Law, and he recently began focusing on Legal Ethics Compliance, for which he took a short course. With proficiency in a variety of law practices, he recently founded his own firm, Fagali Advocacy, in 2016. Today, Bruno Jorge Fagali resides in Sao Paulo.

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