Education Secretary Betsy DeVos May Be The Republican Fighter Who Carries The Trump Flag To The End

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Being a member of the Trump administration is not a long-term job opportunity. Trump appointees disappear under the pressure of a leader who doesn’t lead, according to several news articles. Very few original cabinets members still work for Mr. Trump. Most of them couldn’t stand the nepotism and the disorganization that the president spreads around like the nasty flu. Other appointees were too sketchy to stay on the job. But Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is one of the exceptions. DeVos doesn’t have a lot of friends in Washington, but she has the right friend in Donald Trump.



The list of negative things people say about DeVos grows by the week. But Betsy learned negativity is part of the Trump brand. DeVos is used to people saying she has no education experience, and her plan to turn the public school system into a for-profit charter school system won’t work. Betsy set up a charter school system in Michigan, and according to her and husband Dick, the charter school system is the education system of the future. Mr. Trump liked Betsy’s charter school spiel. Trump’s for-profit college didn’t survive, but any system that produces profit is the right system in Trump’s mind. So Trump gave Betsy the freedom to change the public school system even though teachers and principals across the nation said it’s a really bad idea.



Betsy hasn’t won any awards for bringing the education department together like a well-oiled machine. She evokes controversy and outrage every time she leaves Washington to visit schools. She made herself look foolish during a 60 Minutes interview, and she’s hiring former for-profit executives to revamp the school system. DeVos does have supporters. But most of them live in Michigan. The people of Michigan know Betsy and Dick DeVos donate to worthwhile causes and they know Betsy and Dick are loyal Republicans and good Christians.



But Betsy is about to face the challenge of her political life when the new Congress starts to unravel and investigate the Trump presidency. Some Democrats think Betsy needs to go back to Michigan. Those Democrats plan to make Betsy’s education secretary life miserable, according to some news reports. Those reports say it’s not just the Democrats who want Betsy’s keys to her education department office. Many Republicans don’t like what she’s trying to do to the school system. So come January, DeVos will feel the wrath of Congress. That means she’ll have to answer questions and explain what she’s accomplished in the last two years.


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DeVos’s accomplishments changed the way schools handle racial bias, but not in a good way, according to teachers. And she’s changed campus rape rules to favor the accused instead of the victims. She’s cut school budgets. Public schools around the country function with the bare necessities thanks to Betsy edicts. Betsy also wants to make sure students with bogus student loans have to pay those loans back. DeVos wants to make students pay for the education they didn’t receive from for-profit colleges. That’s the accomplishments Trump likes, and Betsy likes them too.