End Citizens United Endorses Tipirneni in AZ-08

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Arizona residents who live in the 8th congressional district will soon get the opportunity to select their new representative in Congress after former Rep. Trent Franks retired leaving the seat vacant. One of the key differences between the candidates vying for the seats?

Hiral Tipirneni is the only candidate who has earned End Citizens United endorsement for her absolute refusal to accept corporate money in the form of donations. Tipirneni’s resume is impressive even without the promise to refuse the corporate money, she is an experienced doctor who has dedicated her life to themes of service of others. To summarize the breadth of Tipirneni’s full resume is difficult, because she’s done such an incredible amount including serving on a number of key nonprofit boards in the West Valley region of Arizona where she is running to be the next Congresswoman.

In the context of her campaign, the End Citizens United endorsement will be a notch in the belt that will go along way. As we have learned through examples, such as Connor Lamb in Pennsylvania, that voters respond positively to candidates who refuse to be bought out by special interests with impossibly deep pockets. Hiral has a real chance to flip a red district blue this November, and adding End Citizens United to the coalition that supports her will go a long way in helping deliver victory.

End Citizens United has had an incredibly successful 2018 election cycle so far, and it is only March. If early results are to be believed, a sapphire blue tidal wave is coming and the work of End Citizens United will be instrumental in bringing it about. Created in 2013, End Citizens United has the sole mission of ridding our political process from the toils of a corrupt campaign finance system. Perhaps Tipirneni herself put it best when she said, “It’s rather apparent that Washington is broken, and stopping the stream of secret money is a huge step in the right direction.”

Moving forward in her campaign Tipirneni can expect a huge boost from End Citizens United, who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the upset victories of fellow Democrats Connor Lamb and Doug Jones. As a pro-reform candidate, Tipirneni has earned her support the honest way — unlike so many candidates in the country today who take their cues from billionaire campaign donors such as the Koch brothers. As November nears, hopefully more candidates will follow the lead of Hiral Tipirneni in her willingness to bravely stand against the special interests.