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Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a name you may have heard of. Who is he? Bruno Fagali is none other than a top attorney and legal expert of Brazil.

Bruno Fagali also enjoys giving reviews of stories read. This is a hobby. He recently shared his thoughts on a romance story in Brazil:

Story Teaser

John and Melissa are two American lovers who have grown up in Brazil and wish to end a long-standing enmity between their respective families, all in the name of pure love.

Bruno Fagali – Summary of A Special Portrait

The kiss of two lovers is what beautifully displays on this special portrait of the highest antique quality, for no look-alike picture will ever be captured in the same way again, especially with stills having been taken around 1900 – a time in which such captured moments were extremely rare, if existent. Yet, this special black-and-white parchment picture captures two hearts and two lips as one, the likes of which will never be seen in quite the same way again. A Romeo and Juliet story, this couple were the offspring of two rivaling American businessmen: one a famous print press manager and another an esteemed restaurant owner, both in the heart of beautiful early New York. One day, fed up with the strife, rivalry and envy coming from both sides, the couple – which had been secretly in love for three years now – decided to break with tradition and pay a good sum of money to an unnamed photographer in attempts to capture their love on a roll of film and visibly show everyone “the beauty of love” in a shared kiss.

The floor was filled with envy and jealousy, two things that never mix well: Raymond Hutchback and Floyd Lewiston had just about had enough of each other. If one were to see the face of the other again on a billboard or business ad, he may very well blow up! It was time to put a stop to this. Lovers John Hutchback and Melissa Lewiston were on a “playing level” all of their own. Read more!