Frontera Fund and DACA

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A recent executive order issued by the Trump Administration has many immigrants who are benefiting from the DACA program worried about their future. The issued executive order indicates the program that has been in place since August of 2012 is being phased out to some degree, leaving those impacted scurrying to comply with measures that would keep them in the United States. Many of those protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program have never lived anywhere but the United States after having been brought to the nation illegally by family members.


Members of the Hispanic Caucus of Congress met with Gen. John Kelly when he was Director of Homeland Security to discuss exactly what the program phase out would mean. Especially disconcerting was the delayed action period of only six months, which means that many of the 800,000 impacted program beneficiaries would have no recourse but to return to their proposed native country.


Although all of those currently protected by DACA are not Hispanic, it is a fact that most are from Mexico or Central America after having completed the grueling trip north to enter the states undetected. Deadline for renewal applications for the DACA program was October 5, 2017 with March 6, 2018 being the date of program termination.


The Frontera Fund was established by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin following payment of damages from an unlawful detainment lawsuit filed against former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The foundation is providing financial assistance in the form of fee payments and filing assistance for those who may be facing deportation. How the new executive order will be implemented is still in question, and the process will assuredly create massive additional ripples in Congress between the left and right political groups.


Also at issue is the fact that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is preparing to sue the Trump Administration if the end of the program does not occur as directed by his letter to President Trump demanding action. In light of this looming political issue, the Frontera Fund is collaborating with many human rights groups in an effort to organize against full implementation.