Holiday Party Planning Tips from Expert Kimberly Bakker

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Planning the perfect holiday party is no easy feat the closer to the holidays you get. The overwhelming demand for presents, decorations and food can sway the mind. Bakker suggests the creation of lists to keep the mind on track.

Assuring the lists are organized and easily accessible can help you stay on task and avoid pesky distractions. Kimberly Bakker highlights the importance of being a gracious host, encouraging an open dialogue among the guests and the importance of delegating tasks. If done effectively, hosting a party can become very effortless.

Lighting can add warmth, style and texture to your area. Kimberly Bakker suggests light placement that enhances the focal points of different furniture pieces in your home. For example, placing low light candles around your deck area.

Creating a budget can be life altering while keeping you accountable. It forces you to come up with creative ways of spending for example, planning a shopping trip around weekly circulars and sales in an avid effort to make your money stretch. Go To This Page for more information.

Time management and food preparation can be very beneficial. Bakker recommends prepping as much food as you can the day or morning before the party. This will help free up time so that you can manage that time, fixing any last minute details you may have overlooked. Kimberly Bakker suggests using that time to focus on getting yourself ready.

In addition to having various food options for all ages, the party must end and with gentle hints. Using tips like these should take some of the worry out of holiday parties.


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