How CloudWick Can Deliver An Open Data Lake Platform

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When a company begins to examine its cyber security methods, it can often find them to be far behind the times. As a result, data breaches and other cyber crimes become easier to perform, putting large amounts of sensitive data at risk of being compromised. Rather than let this occur, it is becoming far more common for companies to call on the services of IT consultants such as CloudWick to assist in these efforts. In doing so, they can have their current systems analyzed by teams of engineers, developers, data scientists, and other IT professionals, allowing them to find solutions to the most complex and challenging problems.

To make cyber security solutions become reality, CloudWick uses a variety of advanced techniques and methods to create a data lake which can keep vast amounts of data safe and secure. One of the best ways this is accomplished is to create a data lake that is easily integrated with an existing system’s IDS/IPS and SIEM, which can make the response to cyber threats much quicker and effective. By having the data lake already integrated within a system, one-click search and correlation becomes available, enabling cyber security experts to quickly analyze threats and alerts. Once done, threat investigation procedures can be started, leading to a much quicker kill-chain response.

Along with this, CloudWick can also make organizational data security much more transparent and easier for company executives and board members to understand. This is done by using a variety of methods, the most common being the capturing and consolidation of data into one security platform, which is the data lake. Not only does this make the data storage and security process much easier and efficient, but it also allows for numerous tools and analytics to be used in creating better ROI and SOC performance.

Finally, a CloudWick data lake can also use analytics and other tools to ensure a company’s cyber security and data storage methods are in full compliance with existing regulations. In using customized dashboards, companies can quickly check all metadata, ensuring complete visibility and transparency with all regulatory requirements.

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