How Jed McCaleb’s Career Has Evolved In The Tech Industry

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Jed McCaleb has been in the technology industry for 18 years. He got his start founding a company called MetaMachine. As the chief technology officer of this company he created eDonkey2000 as well as another software package named kdrive. eDonkey2000 was one of the first decentralized person to person file-sharing networks and was the very first one to allow users to do multi-source downloads. Kdrive was a precursor to Dropbox which facilitated the transfer of files in a secure manner.

In February 2007 he founded another tech company called Code Collective. This was a video game company and Jed McCaleb programmed one called “The Far Wilds”. This was a turn-based multiplayer strategy game. The focus was on creating clever plays and it received strong reviews from such video game websites as IGN. Eventually, he ran out of time to manage this game and so he turned control over to some dedicated fans of the game who continued to manage it for its players.

It was around 2010 that Jed McCaleb started to get interested in cryptocurrencies. The first one was Bitcoin and his research into it, and its underlying blockchain technology, led him to switch his career into this new burgeoning market. After being involved in a number of projects he co-founded another tech organization, Stellar Development Foundation, which was established as a nonprofit.

At this nonprofit Jed McCaleb handles the technical development of its universal financial network which is named Stellar. He uses open-source software to develop this network. He says that the current financial system uses old infrastructure that is very outdated and not secure enough. He says this infrastructure also limits economic potential because it locks out too many people around the world. His organization combines technology along with teaching people how digital finance works so that they can take part in it.

Since March 2015 Jed McCaleb has also been donating his time to another nonprofit, Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI). This is a nonprofit which focuses on artificial intelligence. Their goal is to set in place a system to ensure that AI is used to create positive impacts and so that negatives ones can be avoided. More details about McCaleb’s career in cryptocurrency here.