Hussain Sajwani Says He’s Hoping He And The Trumps Make More Deals

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President Donald Trump has made a lot of friends in the real estate investment world, and one of them is UAE businessman Hussain Sajwani. Sajwani is the Chairman and President of DAMAC Properties based in Dubai, and together the two men have built some of the world’s ritziest hotels and vacation resorts. It was in 2011 that the famous Tiger Woods golf course was brought to Dubai courtesy of the Trump and DAMAC Properties partnership, and other hotels were constructed near the property, and Trump has been impressed overall with Sajwani’s work. The Sajwani and Trump families even know each other personally, and while Donald Trump Sr. may no longer be running his company, Mr. Sajwani is hopeful that the rest of the Trump family who will be running it will seek to do more deals with DAMAC Properties.


Hussain Sajwani’s entrance into real estate investing actually started in the catering business back in 1982. He had received his bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Washington and served a couple years at GASCO, a child company of ADNOC Corporation in the oil industry, but he saw an opportunity for hospitality entrepreneurship due to the migration of various businesses and investors into the UAE. His catering business has served clients from the government and military backgrounds, educational institutions and other vacation resorts. Sajwani first began building hotels in the 1990s to add to the catering service, and in 2002 DAMAC Properties was officially started.


The DAMAC Properties portfolio is quite impressive with over 44,000 property units of about 13,000 hotel suites and many more beautiful homes. Sajwani’s design specialists have decorated the interiors of these properties in the designs of Versace, Bugatti and Cavalli and even more services for tenants of the properties are administered through DAMAC Maison. Sajwani has founded several other ventures with emerging markets, global derivatives and private equity through his investment firm DICO Investments. DAMAC Properties itself is publicly traded on the UAE exchange, and it’s also a partner company with Al Amana Building Materials and Anwar Ceramic Tiles. The DAMAC owner is also a supporter of UAE Red Crescent, a humanitarian activist group.


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