Hussain Sajwani’s Rise To The Top

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Emirati billionaire property developer Hussian Sajwani has been in the business of entrepreneurship since the early 1980’s and has not slowed down since. He was born in 1952 and is now the fourth riches Arab in the world.

As the Founder and Chairman of DAMAC, Mr. Sajwani has helped so many people get homes that they need. Started back in 2002 the DAMAC owner uses his keen business insight to propel his company forward. This has lead to tremendous growth and success in the 15 years that DAMAC has been opened for business. They have growth the property development business into cities such as Riyadh, Amman, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Dohn, London, and Jeddah. Before the DAMAC owner had another business. It was a catering business is not thriving and well. They manage over 200 projects throughout Africa, the CIS, and the Middle East. This means they serve over 150,000 meals in a day! Now that is a lot of food.

Hussain Sajwani started his love of entrepreneurship as a child in the family business. His father has a shop that sold watches and a number of other things. With that the young Sajwani learned the ins and outs of business so he would be better prepared for the future. After college he sold time share apartments which would later fund his DAMAC business. With time Hussain’s love for the real estate industry would grow and he would move on to bigger and better projects. The DAMAC owner projects their plans into the future about 10 to 20 years like many smart business people do to continue their success. He also empowers his employees to do their best job and supports them. That is the only way a business really succeeds is with positive reinforcement and a solid team effort.

According to the, one piece of software or web service Hussain Sajwani likes to use is having all the newsfeeds on his smartphone. This keeps him up to date on what is happening in the world right now. Mr. Sajwani also swears by social media and digital marketing to help his business flourish.