JD’s Innovations Will Change How The World Shops

0 Comment, also known as Jingdong Mall, is China’s largest retailer and they are set to make a very positive debut at CES in Las Vegas with their smart delivery stations that they have launched in Changsha and Hohhot. or Jingdong Mall is an e-commerce juggernaut and their smart delivery stations increase their capabilities logistically. Currently the smart stations are in the research and development stage, being tested to resolve any issues during the last mile delivery. Their smart stations can be loaded with more than two dozen parcels and will autonomously deliver the packages.


These unique vehicles are capable of route planning, recognizing traffic lights, and avoiding obstacles. JD has even integrated facial recognition technology that allows users to collect their delivery securely. When split between couriers and the smart delivery stations, as many as 2,000 packages will be delivered daily. Ahead of their competitors, this is technology that other companies are working towards putting into use but JD is very far ahead of meeting the needs of its customers wherever they may be. Find More Information Here.


Attractive and well built, the stations are sure to be a hit at the world’s largest consumer electronics show, JD’s first. JD wants to show their technology that is already changing the way people shop in China and how it will transform commerce globally. They are using their fleet of drones to deliver not only consumer packages but also medical supplies to remote areas in China. Jingdong Mall will also show off their fully automated fulfillment center which is the first in the world to be fully automated. JD will also show CES attendees how their implementation of underground urban logistics will change how cities work while making shopping even more convenient.


Attendees at CES will be able to try some of JD’s technology at their interactive booth such as experiencing drone flights with virtual reality technology and see they knew and useful ways that JD allows people to control their smart devices inside their homes even while they are in their cars.


Jingdong is focused on being a game changing leader with innovating various technologies that will change how people all over the world shop.


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