Jed McCaleb Continues to Enhance the World of Technology

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Jed McCaleb is someone who understands the world of technology and who has been able to accomplish a lot because of the understanding that he has. He is the founder of Ripple and he is the co-founder of He knows how to create a company and make that into something great. When he was questioned about the kind of software that he likes to use, Jed McCaleb shared that he appreciates Google Docs for all that it offers. He is happy with the way that Google Docs works when he wants to collaborate with someone. He also enjoys using StackOverflow.

Jed McCaleb has come through many setbacks and failures. When he was questioned about failures that he has come through, he shared that everyone has failures and that he has learned to move on from them. When he was questioned about what he would change about the path that he took to get where he is now, he shared that there is much that he would change if he could.

When Jed McCaleb was questioned about something that he does that has helped him to become successful, he shared that he simply focuses on building great products. He cares more about creating products that people will appreciate and want to use than he cares about marketing those products. He focuses more on the creation work that he does than on any kind of marketing work.

Another habit that Jed McCaleb shared when it comes the way that he has found success was the habit to really think about the strategy that he is using with the work that he is doing. He spends time thinking about how he is going to take an idea that he has and make it work. Jed McCaleb has shared that he thinks about the overall plan in order to be productive.