Joel Friant’s The Original Habanero Shaker Is Back and Better Than Ever

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One of the truly most amazing things about residing in America is the overwhelming entrepreneurial opportunity that is possible for those with the proper inclination and skills. Just about every area of business sees its form of entrepreneurs, paving their own roads through the marketplaces, changing and adapting and taking on new and often times revolutionary methods to make profits.

Joel Friant is one such entrepreneur and beyond just having an incredible love for product creation and real estate, he is one of the successful individuals that truly desires to share his knowledge and assist others to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

His path began in the real estate sector, typically doing home remodels and sales but in 1995 Joel entered into the restaurant field and created one of the world’s very first fast-food concepts that was centered around Thai cuisine and this would see him dubbed as ”The Thai Guy” within many circles.

It was during his exploration of Thai cuisine and the running of his restaurants that he discovered and fell completely in love with the habanero pepper. After a trip to Jamaica he grew a great fondness for a particular type of this hot pepper called the Scotch Bonnet.

He then went on to create, manufacture as well as market a product called ‘The Original Habanero Shaker’ which was comprised of just the dried and crushed peppers for the home user to apply to their meals for a little extra oomph.

His Habanero Shaker saw amazing levels of success, so much so that it was found all over chain grocery stores throughout Washington state as well as being available in online markets such as Amazon.

With the success of his Habaner Shaker, Joel moved on to an area of real estate that involved buying foreclosed homes, repairing them and then reselling them, frequently referred to as a ‘fix and flip’ which would then lead him to running a branch of an extremely innovative mortgage company.

With the rise of internet marketplaces and technology users, the Habanero Shaker can now be found once again on global market places such as Amazon, back by popular demand and ready to be served at your dinner table today.