Louis Chenevert’s Success as a Business Executive

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Louis Chenevert the current CEO and president of the United Technologies Corporation. He took over these positions in 2008. Before being promoted to the position of CEO and president of the United Technologies Corporation, Louis also served as the principal operating officer at the same institution. Between the period of 1999 to 2006, Louis was working as the president of Pratt and Whitney.

His career spans various industries including the car manufacturing industry. Louis had a stint at the General Motors Corporation. Thanks to his leadership and ability to get things done in time while at the same time leading GMC to make profits, he was retained by the company for more than ten years. Other than the car industry, he was also able to work for a firm known as Pratt and Whitney for six years.

While at this company, he committed himself to excellence, which was one of the driving factors that led to his promotion to head the law firm’s regional division. While here, Louis was able to serve the company diligently which led to the profitability of the business as they were able to outperform competitors while increasing their client base. After building his reputation here, Louis was later appointed to head the United Technologies Corporation.

Louis is a celebrated business executive and businessman, he has been able to steer various companies to success and in the process, managed more than $100 billion. Most experts and executives will tell you that whatever Louis has been able to achieve in a months’ time would take the ordinary person-years trying to match up.

Some of the most important business dealings he has helped facilitate the acquisition of Goodrich. This particular purchase was subjected to a lengthy negotiation process which lasted almost two years. When the talks came to a close, Louis had accomplished what most company CEOs can only dream about; an acquisition worth more than $10 billion.

Business career aside, Louis Chenevert graduated from the University of Montreal with a bachelor degree in commerce. Louis has been the recipient of various awards and has been celebrated by multiple institutions such as the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics where he was inducted into.