Meet Hussain Sajwani: The DAMAC Owner & Fearless Risk-Taker

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An undying inspiration for vast growth often breeds legendary progress. Hussain Sajwani’s story is a tale that illustrates the role of zeal in realizing entrepreneurial success in real estate ventures and catering services. His outstanding academic performance in 1956 earned him a government scholarship to study industrial engineering and economics at a prestigious institution in Washington DC. Getting a job with GASCO after his graduation set his feet for greatness in the catering realm. He set out to establish a trivial food preparation venture in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani through stepwise investments grew the entity from a minor operation to a transnational venture. He developed a company that would supply repasts to US militants in the UAE. The organization expanded its nets throughout the Middle East as well as Africa, setting up numerous hotels with 150,000 servings every day.


His desire for success was not quenched by the catering investments alone. He used the business’ proceeds to secure land in developing environs. The DAMAC owner envisioned a real estate opportunity in areas people deemed unproductive. His economics skills came in handy during his feasibility studies. It is the growth and development of such undeveloped localities that bred DAMAC Properties. DAMAC properties’ goal was to use the down payment derived from off-plan property sales in setting up construction ventures. The move was properly timed owing to the upcoming Dubai property boom. His adventure converted Dubai into a globally attractive space.

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Creativity and innovation are priceless in an entrepreneurial venture. The DAMAC owner utilized his artistic marketing expertise to attract remarkable brands such as Versace and Ferrari thus altering its product variety to lavish business ideals. The appropriate creation and use of networks coupled with his liberalism have certainly enabled Hussain Sajwani to realize impeccable success in real estate. The DAMAC owner’s outstanding ability to convert entrepreneurial vision to reality conferred him a likely fit in the arena. His thirst for success propelled the establishment of novel entities including DICO investments Co LLC, Al Amana, and Al Anwar, and Al Jazeira Services.


Philanthropic Hussain Sajwani also founded DAMAC Foundation, a charity organization that has furnished youths in the UAE with programming skills free at no expense. The DAMAC owner also contributed to a charity initiative that aimed at helping Yemeni war victims.