National Steel Car’s Growth Under Gregory Aziz

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National Steel Car has been one of the world’s largest producer of steel railroad cars that are specifically designed to transport freight throughout North America. The company was founded more than 100 years ago. National Steel Car came to business as a result of six local entrepreneurs that came together in order to determine a way that Canada, specifically Hamilton, Ontario, could gain traction in the booming industry of railway transport. Many other countries had been gaining a piece of the pie and the business men that came together sought to make sure that Canada did not miss out on that boom.


In the mid ‘90s, National Steel Car was in the process of purchasing a piece of the company back from another owner. Mr. Gregory J. Aziz was working in New York City in the fast-paced world of investment banking in New York City. It just so happened that he was assigned to manage the business that was being done with National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz immediately bonded with the team at National Steel Car and the leadership team was so very impressed with Mr. Greg Aziz’s work on the process that they went back to Ontario and decided to put together a proposal for Mr. Aziz to join the company.


Greg James Aziz accepted the offer and relocated back to Ontario to join National Steel Car in a leadership capacity. Gregory J Aziz utilized his background as a business development specialist to immediately grow the company from a regional unit, into a global capacity. For example, within just a few short years he managed to grow the company’s production volume from a little over 3,000 steel freight railroad cars each year to well over 12,000 steel railway cars produced annually.


This growth was huge for the company and also opened the door for several rounds of hiring that made Hamilton, Ontario a very attractive place to relocate to in order to find great work. The company’s employee volume went from around 800 people to close to 3,000 employees. This influx of great, new jobs was a big deal for the entire community of Hamilton, Ontario. Read This Article for more information.


The new jobs at National Steel Car brought in additional jobs across many sectors and also led to the opening of many new businesses in the community that also brought more jobs. The entire community of Hamilton, Ontario thrived thanks to the growth of National Steel Car.