Obsidian Energy Emerges Stronger After Restructuring

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Obsidian Energy Ltd is a Canadian oil and natural gas production company. The company held a position in Toronto Stock Exchange as one of the largest company. In 2008 the Obsidian reached a peak market capitalization. Obsidian Energy formerly named Penn West Exploration changed its name in June 2017 when the shareholders voted in favor of the resolution and its plans to pursue current growth. The company experienced significant changes that affected all corners of the business which as a result the management and partners decided to redefine and restructure the company.


The company is spearheaded by Mr. David French who joined the company in 2016. He achieved a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Rice University and also acquired an MBA from Harvard Business School. French works hand in hand with the company’s chief financial officer Mr. David Hendry who is an accountant and has experience in finance for over 25 years. Other prominent leaders of Obsidian Energy ltd include Andrew Sweerts who serves as the vice president production and technical services and Tony Berthelet who serves as vice president development. Mark Hodgson also helps in the company and holds the position of vice president business development and commercial.


With the excellent leadership skills offered by the management team, Obsidian Energy has been thriving in the business despite the hardships experienced. The company can produce over 30,000 Boe per day. This is because the company has greatly invested in high-quality assets that create the right platform to deliver bottom-line results. The leaders are equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit, discipline, commitment and passion for achieving the company’s goal resulting in accountability.


Obsidian is committed to community and environment by ensuring that they create a positive impact in the areas which they operate. Any concerns that can be associated with gas and oil productions are communicated to the employees and contractors to avoid any mischievous effects. The company also works in line with environmental regulations that help reduce the impacts of all the operations to the environment. As a result, the company has emerged stronger and more capable than before.


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