Practical Ways to Deal with Employee Burnouts with Paul Saunders

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Work can be stressful and overwhelming. You have had those mornings when you do not feel capable of completing any task. When personal issues come in hand, it becomes worse, and you become unproductive. Your employees have these moments too, and the burnout can cost you because this lowers the quality and quantity of their delivery. Every employer has to help team members cope and learn ways to regain control in such moments. Here are some ideas from Paul Saunders of James River Capital on how to help your employees if you see any signs of burnouts;

Tight Schedules Could Lead to Loss of Control

When individuals start losing control of time and schedules, they feel confused. This is why we are advised to stop and think before we start running to attend to issues. As a leader, it is critical that employees have flexible schedules. Also, encourage them to take 15 minutes to calm down and write down what they want to accomplish in a day. Regaining control helps in resolving the burning out issues.

Lack of Transparency Can Cause Discomfort for Employees

Many leaders don’t understand the importance of transparency in a firm. When you keep your team in the loop, they are likely to be more productive because they understand what they are working to accomplish.

When employees feel like they are being overlooked for promotions, they feel uncomfortable. It also happens when they fail underpaid or as if the management is keeping secrets from them.

Make an effort of communicating with your employees on matters affecting the firm to reduce negative feelings which may lead to burnouts.

Emotional Turmoil May Lead to Shift of Attitude

When employees are going through hardships such as emotional issues, they tend to lose motivation and get moody. This means getting agitated very easily and losing control in their life. It is crucial that you support them in such times by talking to them and encouraging them to take hobbies to get distracted from the stress. Learn more:

Make the Confidence of Your Employees Your Business

Loss of confidence can lead to burnouts to individuals. This is because they feel as if they are not good enough and like their contribution does not count. To improve this, give your team members small achievable tasks to help them regain their confidence. Also, encourage personal development practices among the employees because their success is your triumph too.

Paul Saunders is the founder of James River Capital. Saunders is also the Chairman and CEO of the firm. James River Capital was founded in 1986 and has won multiple rewards since then. Saunders has always been passionate about finance. Besides Saunders being a successful businessman, he is a family man. Through the support of his wife, Vicki, he also does philanthropy work.