Reno Based Entrepreneur Josh Smith’s Commitment to a Better Society

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Josh Smith, of Reno, Nevada, is the co-inventor and designer of the modular hinge greenhouse, a creation that allows gardeners to grow their produce almost anywhere. However, Smith has an impressive resume as a serial entrepreneur beyond his current marketing run with the greenhouse design. With seventeen plus years in a variety of business enterprising roles, in the sustainable technology and wellness industries, Josh Smith is known for surrounding himself with knowledgeable, professional, business people, and for his clear and focused vision of the future he aims for his multitude of startups to provide. In a recent interview, Joshua makes note of his observing an issue and creating a way of solving it as his drive to succeed in his own brand of eco-socio-capitalism.

The modular hinge greenhouse is a revolutionary design aimed at putting the power of gardening back into the hands of the amateur and professional green thumbs alike. When trying to work through a variety of hurdles to create his own backyard greenhouse at his Reno, Nevada, residence, Smith was encouraged to create the system. With the connecting modular design, the green house allows you to start at any size, and add on as your garden grows. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, the greenhouse is strong enough to stand up to the highest winds, yet incredibly easy to set up. The varying levels of structure allow cultivators to grow anywhere from the backyard to the living room.

Josh Smith’s clear head for business along with his commitment to providing technologies for added individual sustainability has propelled him as a socio-entrepreneur and rogue visionary. Smith’s love for gardening has also led him to create a non-profit organization to implement gardening and greenhouse education across American schools. Smith says as a serial entrepreneur his days are filled to the brim and that he has always emerged himself in projects, often times having to chose the projects that he believes will be most beneficial to work on. Ultimately though, the Reno based businessman, inventor, philanthropists says he wants only to use his developments to better life for people worldwide.