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Rodrigo Terpins is a renowned rally driver who competes mainly in Brazil. He is very talented and has some cool skills to show for it. He loves the adrenaline rush that comes with rally competitions.


According to him, rallying requires patience, discipline, and determination. He loves racing, and hence the above-stated requirements come almost naturally to him. Rodrigo hails from a family of sports people.


His father, Jack Terpins, who was a successful basketball player in his day currently serves as president of the Maccabi Latin American Council and the Latin American Jewish Council. His brother, Michel Rodrigo is a famous and decorated high achieving rally driver. You can visit



Rodrigo Terpins races for the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, an acclaimed team that also includes his talented brother Michel Terpins. The team has been racing for the last five seasons using the T-Rex, a car that was made especially for them by the MEM motorsport organization.


Rodrigo also has a soft spot for the T1 prototype category in which he has recently raced successfully.


Rodrigo and his teammates recently took part in the 22nd Sertoes rally championship that covered a distance of 2600 km which took them through two states and seven different and challenging stages.


These courses are designed to test the physical agility of the competitors as well as the ability to be flexible with changing circumstances and challenges. Due to their calm and composure, Rodrigo and his partner emerged third in the T1 category with the team developing eighth overall among 38 participants.


Rodrigo Terpins is also an entrepreneur whose business, Floresville is an environmentally-conscious timber company.


He says that he is inspired with ideas from anywhere, but the vital thing to him is the fruition of the plans. In coming up with Floresville, he and his business partners wanted to confront the problem of unsustainable wood harvesting from forests.


To achieve that they decided to supply Brazil and the world with certified wood that has been produced with the environment in mind. Rodrigo is happy that there is a growing environmental consciousness that is allowing people to see the extent of destruction that is involved in the production of raw materials.


He tries to keep abreast with world news and consumer trends. This enables him to make decisions that are well informed.



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