Roseann Bennett: The Dedicated Marriage Counselor

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Marriage counseling originated from Germany as part of the eugenics movement in the 1920s. The first institutes for counseling in America started in the 1930s in response to Germany’s medically directed and purification of marriage counseling centers. It was then promoted in the United Kingdom.

Today, many organizations have been formed to help couples deal with their marital issues. One such company is the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Led by Roseann Bennett, the organization is a not-for-profit mental health agency that offers comprehensive evaluation, and treatment to psychological issues.

Roseann Bennett is a family therapist and marriage counselor with diverse experience in assessment as well as therapy. Bennett has over eight years of experience serving in various walks of life by helping people experiencing marital challenges. After serving as an in-home therapist for more than five years in New Jersey, she established Center for Assessment and Treatment, a charitable firm that treats individuals and families of various backgrounds especially individuals in marginalized communities. After launching it in 2010, the organization has assisted hundreds of individuals through their life’s struggles internally and externally.

Being the executive director of the organization, Bennett is tasked with the overall leadership, coordination as well as the direction of agency programs. Bennett plays a crucial role in developing supportive programs to the populations and prepares agency budgets besides maintaining adequate systems for accounting. Bennett also directs agency employees, establishes strong relations for handling with clients and provides a learning opportunity for students.

She has supervised interns towards licensure. Besides, Roseann Bennett maintains her clinical caseload in the agency. Roseann Bennett’s passion lies in networking with troubled individuals to realize the possibilities of change in their lives. Bennett’s work at the agency is rewarding but demanding too. The professional demands have been magnified by her new role as a parent to a young one. See This Page to learn more.


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