Ryan Seacrest is Making Waves With Hosting, Foundations and Clothing Lines

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What started out as a small hosting position on “American Idol” led to something much larger for Ryan Seacrest. Prior to working on “Idol”, Ryan hosted shows like Gladiators. He hosted a variety of kids shows in the 1990’s and then found fame when he started hosting “Idol”. For his job on Idol, it was his duty to interact with the judges as well as with the contestants. He started out hosting with a partner and that soon led to him hosting the show on his own.

If there is one thing that Ryan Seacrest knows, its how to host. What started out as a simple hosting gig on American Idol has led him to something much bigger. Now starring alongside Kelly Ripa on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”, he has also started to help others learn how to become involved in hosting as well.

For the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, Ryan is opening various studios across the country inside of Children’s Hospitals. By opening the studios in the hospitals, Ryan is able to bring celebrities in to host and meet with some of the sickest kids there are. This helps to make a day bigger and brighter for those who are suffering long term or are simply sick at the moment. One of the first studio’s that Ryan opened was at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. This children’s hospital is one of the most recognized hospitals in the country.

Ryan Seacrest is also a well known name in fashion. He started his own clothing line and when he was done with clothing, he decided to become involved in skin care. At 43, Ryan Seacrest has skin that most would love to have in their 30’s. He has helped others to enjoy life and look good while enjoying it.

For Ryan, he focuses on his long term goals after the day has already been half over. He will only focus on the end game during the afternoon which helps to keep him focused and on task during the morning while hosting “Live with Kelly and Ryan” or while hosting his radio syndication shows or even while producing a number of his television shows.