Ryan Seacrest – The Highly Talented Television And Radio Presenter

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Ryan Seacrest was born in 1974 in The United States in Atlanta on December 24th. He is a producer, television presenter, and an American based radio show broadcaster. Ryan is well famous for being the American Idol host and the Top 40 American countdown programs. He is also identified with the Morning show on KIIS FM. Ryan is a host of the” Knock Knock Live” show where stars reach the door of normal people who have done something distinct and offered them an award. He is also behind the Keeping up with the Kardashians television show which is highly rated on the E! Network. He is an Emmy award nominee for hosting the American Idol and an Emmy award winner for producing “Jamie Oliver’s food revolution” reality series.

Ryan is a son to Gary Lee and Constance Marie. He joined Dunwoody at the age of fourteen for his high school education and graduated in 1992. During his high school life, Ryan won a WSTR internship with Tom Sullivan who later initiated him into a couple of radio aspects. Ryan Seacrest then joined Georgia University where he studied journalism and later relocated to trail his broadcasting vocation in Hollywood at nineteen years.

Ryan Seacrest, who launched his menswear just recently, is the founder of Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) which aims at empowering and nurturing youths through education-based initiatives and entertainment. His company has nine centers in Atlanta with Selena Gomez as the Ambassador to these foundations. The first initiative of Ryan’s company is to establish a media house based in pediatric infirmaries for patients to discover the artistic kingdoms of television, radio as well as new media. The primary intention of this non-profit organization is to lend a hand in the children healing process through development projects and avert negative spirit to the community around these centers.

According to a Ryan’s facebook post, the establishment of these multimedia involvements is set to bring interesting adventures to inspire optimistic thoughts in patients throughout the treatment. The organization is also determined in helping the community and helping scholars from local journalism institutions through granting them a chance to acquire first-hand knowledge in programming, broadcasting and working in a multimedia center.

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