Shervin Pishevar tweets about the US economy

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Shervin Pishevar is a recognized venture capitalist and angel investor based in the United States. He’s famous for his role as one of the early Uber investors. Through his guidance, Uber has managed to become a multi-billion dollar company in less than ten years. Pishevar is the former managing director of Sherpa Capital, one of the most established venture capital firms dealing with tech startups. As the head of this company, Shervin Pishevar has done significantly well in growing brilliant ideas into real businesses that are offering tangible solutions to the people while at the same time making billions of dollars in returns every year.

Shervin Pishevar created a tweet storm when he posted 50 successive messages talking about various issues related to the US economy and the financial sector. He touched on matters such as cryptocurrencies, globalization, bond market, and the Silicon Valley. In his messages, he made it clear that his thoughts are based on facts that could be verified by anyone. The points he was making were based on careful analysis of the performance of the economy among other things.

Shervin Pishevar predicted that the economy would suffer from a financial storm in the coming months. He highlighted the happenings in the stock market as a good indicator of the changes that were up-coming. The stock market had already lost over 1000 points at the beginning of the year, and by his predictions, it was going to lose farther until over 6000 points gained from previous years were erased. Other factors that would lead to deterioration of the economy include rising interest rates and inflation. According to Pishevar, most major assets in the country were overvalued and would therefore not support the economy. He also added that measures by the Federal Reserve such as quantitative easing would not bring any relief since such methods have been used so many times in the past such that they are no longer effective.

Shervin Pishevar also pointed out that the Silicon Valley, one of the most prestigious innovations hub in the history of humankind will lose its appeal in coming years due to measures that were taken by the government such as locking out immigrant talent.

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