Stream Energy changes how charity is executed in Corporate America

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Hurricane Harvey was one of the most devastating hurricanes in recent years to hit the Texas Coast, with over 56 inches of rain and billions in damages there was no doubt a need for volunteerism. Introducing Stream Energy, an energy company that provides fixed-rate plans to its customers caught the attention of millions of Americans as the companies charitable foundation “Stream Cares” and their volunteers were one of the first to start the recovery process.

What makes Stream Energy’s charitable foundation so unique and successful is the way they go about laying our their goal to give back as much as they can. It is important to mention that “Stream Cares” is actually a separate branch of the company that is solely focused on finding innovative ways to serve the community. This is a relatively new phenomenon with corporate America as most companies usually give back in the form of a donation.

Although philanthropy has always been the cultural norm within Stream, the fact of the matter is that giving back to the community does have its perks. These include increasing their brand name value and creating a buffer zone in the situation that a negative story comes to light within the company. Today, many executives across America have been attempting to mirror Stream’s strategy in order to boost up their own brand name, however, it is fitting to say that Stream Energy still maintains a leg up as their business model gives them the opportunity to build strong relationships with their customers.

The bonds formed by their employees with customers creates a sense of responsibility to give back. For example, many Stream Energy associates based in Dallas, Texas have year after year partner up with Hope Supply Co. in order to bring basic necessities to the homeless children of the city and even going as far as taking over a thousand children to a waterpark in the hopes of offering them an experience they normally would not have been able to have.

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