Talk Fusion Releases Major New Updates.

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If you have been living under a rock for the past ten years then you’ve likely not come to the realization that video marketing is everything, everything, to the world of business and entertainment. Over the past decade, we’ve seen companies large and small push their entire marketing budget toward internet outreach by way of video marketing. One of the key companies making this magic work is Talk Fusion, a Florida based video marketing, and communications outreach platform. Talk Fusion, built from the ground up by CEO Bob Reina, is looking to bring something special to the marketplace in their 11th year of operation. Let’s get a little closer to the new Talk Fusion platform and see what they have in store for users everywhere.


The most recent addition to the Talk Fusion marketing suite is the Video Chat application. Video Chat is an application available on all major platforms, both PC and mobile, and it is being heralded as the next step toward seamless outreach to customers and clients. Used in more than 140 countries and translated into nine different languages, the Video Chat addition to Talk Fusion’s already marketable suite of video-related outreach tools looks like it is going to be a slamdunk. The app has been heralded for its cross-platform connectivity, seamless video streaming, and clarity of audio. The app is ostensibly used for clients to reach customers but it is also finding use in one-to-one video chat conversations, as well.


Talk Fusion isn’t content with just relying on new video marketing programs, they are also looking to give people the power to take some of this power to their own life. Talk Fusion opened up the Talk Fusion Academy just this past year and with it, they are allowing a new generation of entrepreneurs to take control of their future. Talk Fusion University is a free to enroll online university that teachers potential Associates the ins and outs of the marketing suite. Once they’ve learned all that there is to know, the Associates are given the chance to go pro and start marketing the products themselves.


Bob Reina and the rest of the Talk Fusion crew have spent years at the front of the video marketing pack. With their recent releases, it looks like the team is anything but ready to let go of that lead. The question is this: are you ready to hop on board? Learn more: