The Growth of Production at National Steel Car by Gregory Aziz

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When it comes to a company’s success and overall growth, leadership is the absolute cornerstone of success. The leader sets the tone for the entire company culture. Leadership truly trickles down from the top down and employees will look to their leadership for guidance on how the company functions on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, the leader or leaders of a company are ultimately responsible for the success and growth of the company they are responsible for. If the leadership team fails, the entire company fails and employees lose guidance as to how to function and what the company goals are.


In the case of National Steel Car, that fearless leader is Gregory J Aziz. He has been the company’s leader since 1994 and has made massive strides to grow the company. He has also set the tone for one that focuses on the company’s success through business development. He has set the goals for the company. These goals include a strong strive for consistently setting the bar as high as possible. When the company achieves the level of that bar that was set, he pushes the company to then set the bar higher and then achieve that standard before setting the bar even higher.


His consistent focus on company growth has made major improvements in the company’s overall production and growth. When he first came to the company, there were around eight hundred employees working at National Steel Car. After Greg Aziz was installed as the company’s leader, he invested majorly in growing his workforce. He invested heavily in growing both the manufacturing sector and the engineer base of the company. After the first few years the company had over two thousand employees. That employee base continues to grow as the company thrives. Human capital is one of the areas that Gregory J. Aziz is most heavily invested in focusing on.


The influx of new jobs was a huge benefit for the entire town of Hamilton, Ontario. All of the new jobs led to an influx of the entire town’s economy. More jobs meant more businesses opened, creating even more jobs throughout the town. Visit This Page for additional information.


He also invested in growing the company’s production of steel freight rail cars. He more than tripled the volume of freight cars being produced. The production went from around three thousand annually to a massive twelve thousand cars produced each year. This is a huge overhaul for the company’s production volume. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade and recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification.