Vinod Gupta: What Does It Take To Become A Successful Entrepreneur?

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Born in the mid-years of the 1940’s, Vinod Gupta’s success journey has become a source of inspiration to many people across the world. His unique story starts with his birth and early life in a remote village in India with no running water or electricity. These hardships have, however, not stopped him from making it into the list of some of the most successful business people in the country.


Patience and solid business strategies

Vin Gupta uses his success journey to inspire others and frequently writes about the difficulties he had to endure as a form of encouragement to young entrepreneurs. He also likes to remind this crop of business leaders that there are no shortcuts to success. He particularly reminds entrepreneurs struggling to remain liquid or break into bigger markets that even though it might seem as if the success of others took an explosive turn overnight, it has taken them years of old-fashioned hard work to get to where they are today. View More Information Here.


Take risks

Vinod Gupta also mentions that success in life and business comes by way of taking risks and making bold decisions. Vin draws inspiration from his life story by stating that he started making bold decisions in life when he decided to leave home and a job in the Indian army to pursue an education in Nebraska. When he finished working on InfroFree, he was offered $9,000 to sell the database with an option of non guaranteed commissions. He chose the latter and it helped him create a $680 million company.


Giving back to the community

Besides taking risks and pushing one’s limits, another way to achieve success according to Vin Gupta is by remembering the less fortunate through giving back to the community. Going through life knowing that you helped another person or community fulfill their dreams is also a form of personal success.

This explains why Vinod is regularly donating funds towards the advancement of education in India and the United States. The current Managing Partner at Everest Group has gone a step further and established a charitable foundation in his name that supports education-based nonprofits.


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