Waiakea Water Pathway to Developing the World’s First Complete Degradable Bottle

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Waiakea Volcanic Water in Hawaii will begin using a fully degradable plastic bottle in the coming year downgrading the packaging lifespan by 98 percent. In developing the technology with the ability to transform the whole CPG industry globally, scientists have begun approaching packaging from a new perspective.

The new bottle which is entirely recyclable utilizes TimePlast, which is the first and the only untested additive for the nano-decomposition of the plastic. The brand claims that the new substance reduces the lifespan from 1,500 years to roughly 15 years. Waiakea Volcanic Water will be the first company to utilize nano-additive TimePlast with its packaging bottles, which are produced entirely from recycled bottles.

While regular plastic doesn’t decompose with time, the process can take thousands of years. By introducing TimePlast’s additive to the bottles during the process of manufacturing, the traditional chemical bonds of the plastic have been replaced with links that are less complicated. The outcome is a remodeled nano-degradable plastic which is extremely weakened, and, hence, possesses a shorter environmental footprint.

Emmons says that it took them 1,200 experiments and five years to develop plastic with the same attributes as regular plastic: and producing the same qualities was one of the significant challenges for the company. Founded in 2012 Waiakea water is a Hawaiian company that manufactures bottled water using unmatched, sustainable processes that highlight positive impression on the world and its inhabitants.

Ryan Emmons, the founder of the company, was motivated by the Hawaii culture during the times he spent summers and winters there when he was a young man, where the occupant values focus on the people and the land rather than just building wealth. The ability of his family to access Mauna Loa Volcano, where the water originates from inspired Emmons to develop a decent and healthy option to the crowded sector.

Between their fast bottling process and natural supplementing the water with natural minerals, Waiakea rotates around solid water and satisfied customers. The company is not limited the United States or even Hawaii. Waiakea distributes its water to various suppliers and countries who desire a taste of their high-quality water that has been produced to perfection.