Why Choosing Wireless Containment Can Protect Your Facility With Securus

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Who Is Securus Technologies, The Leaders In Telecommunications


Securus Technologies is a creative telecommunications inmate network with a secure connection and less service interruptions. As a recent inmate regulation provider under the Public Utility Commission, they can guarantee little to no discrepancies with their account. They currently serve a network of over 346,000+ customers nationwide with carrier connections around the world. Professional business partner and CEO, Rick A. Dickens says, his team of professionals are highly trained in inmate communications and customer support. You can assure the Securus network puts more of your needs first with personalized customer support.


Wireless Conatinment Technology: Securus Technologies


You can use the wireless containment technology to secure any facility from contraband remotely. They provide a wireless containment system that is remotley controlled from the Securus Technologies personnel and facilities are given a weekly report. In fact, Securus will set-up and equipment and assume all the work without adding extra manpower to the facility. Law enforcement staff will be able to use their phone without any service interruption, according to specific facility procedure. Learn more about their wireless containment technology exclusively from their website.


Securus Technologies: Executive Team


Securus Technologies is a popular inmate calling provider spearheaded by an advanced technology solution. Rick Pickens their CEO, says, he would like to stop inmate contraband and other crimes being initiated beyond incarceration. He played a role in craeeating their current crime prevention program, responsible for

detecting, reporting, and solving inmate crimes with the help of customer support. Pickens has been able to give his customers the benefit of customer support when they need it with affordable rates. Securus supports the safety of the general public by being one the first to answer to a stabilized inmate calling network.


Securus Technologies: Features


Food Packaging Services


Food packaging services allows their customers to send care packages or allows an inmate to order commissary from their inmate store registry. This feature is inlay available at select facities, but check with one if their IT professionals to check on a spe ific facility.


Online Photos


Won inmate can now receive photos online. You can send up to five facility approved photos to an inmates state issued id. You must be eighteen years of age or older, have a valid payment method, and select your photo options under the facility rules.


Go directly to the Securus Technologies website to speak to one of their friendly customer service professionals about your new or existing account. If you’re interested in becoming a part of an inmate calling family with secure technology, join the Securus family today and save.